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Marketing Plan

10 Types Of Bonus 

  1. Bonus For Log In
  2. Bonus For Social Media
  3. Bonus For Multimedia 
  4. Bonus For Sales 
  5. Bonus For Friends
  6. Bonus For New Position
  7. Bonus For Advertising = passive income
  8. Bonus For Leaders (Infinity)
  9. Plan For Your Career (prizes)


  1. Bonus For Log In

How To Get Rich Log In Bonus

How to get rich login bonus example
An example of login bonus

Login Bonus rewards each How to get rich website platform user after log in. Following activity minutes will result in a higher bonus.



Bonus For Social Media

You will be paid for your activity on the social media platform.        Your Activity on the site Platform is rewarded.                                             How to get rich with advertising revenue –  It is divided between ACTIVE Users of the  Social Platform.                                                                

Bonus For Social Media is a reward ONLY for ACTIVE USERS of the site . It is calculated daily, taking into account specific parameters of activity.


Bonus For Multimedia


You can upload your videos, music, images, movies, games, banners, etc etc  on the site and resell them to other people who are using that site.If you have files that you want to sell the you can load your files in the”Products” tab,  and specify the price you want to charge and make money every time anyone download the files.For each sale you will keep 50% of your, 40% goes to  Marketing Plan in the form of turnover, and 10% is the website commission.

Bonus For Sales


For each sale of the Website product you will get paid 30%  commission.                                                                                                                              In addition, you will receive for each sale in your team up to 10 levels down:

  1. Level 5%
  2. Level 5%
  3. Level 5%
  4. Level 5%
  5. Level 5%
  6. Level 3%
  7. Level 3%
  8. Level 3%
  9. Level 3%                                                                                                                 
  10. Level 3%
  • Remember that you will get commissions 10 level deep only if you are member of a friends tree. In order to be a member of a friends tree you have to upgrade yourself to the friends tree bonus and commissions sharing team.

Bonus For Inviting Friends 

How to get rich friends tree example.
Make money and get rich by adding as many people on your friends tree as possible.


Every Partner in each Friends Tree can have three partners at the first level , the 4th and each next friend will be placed at higher levels of the Friends Tree. You can get rich from the profits that you will receive from everyone that is on your friends list team.

Above Image is a Tree Example. 3×3 Matrix Friends Bonus

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